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50 Seater Coaches around Wakefield and West Yorkshire

Why choose a 50-seater coach for your group travel needs?

Travelling with a large group can be a challenge, especially when it comes to transportation. That's where a 50-seater coach comes in handy. These spacious coaches offer the perfect blend of comfort, versatility, and efficiency, making them an ideal choice for various events and distances. With a 50 passenger bus from Coach Broker, you can rest assured that you and your group will have a comfortable journey, no matter the distance or occasion.

Popular 50-seater coach models in the UK

  • Mercedes-Benz Tourismo

    Known for its passenger comfort and fuel efficiency, the Mercedes-Benz Tourismo is a popular choice for 50-seater coach hire. Its advanced safety features and reliability make it an ideal choice for long-distance travel and corporate events.

  • Volvo B8R/B11R

    Offering a combination of performance and fuel efficiency, the Volvo B8R/B11R is another popular choice in West Yorkshire. With comfortable seating and ample luggage space, this coach ensures a pleasant journey for all passengers.

  • Scania K series

    Designed for a smooth and comfortable ride, the Scania K series is perfect for group travel. Its spacious interior and advanced safety features make it a popular choice for school excursions and community outings.

  • Plaxton Leopard

    With its distinctive design and comfortable seating, the Plaxton Leopard is a popular choice for 50-seater coach hire. Its reliability and fuel efficiency make it an ideal option for long-distance journeys.

Comparing 50-seater coaches to other sizes

While 50-seater coaches are an excellent choice for most group travel needs, Coach Broker also offers a range of other coach sizes to cater to different group sizes and requirements. For smaller groups, consider the 49-seater or 51, 52, and 53-seater coaches, which offer similar comfort and efficiency. compare prices and features to find the perfect coach for your needs, whether it's for a private hire or corporate event.

Events and occasions suited for 50-seater coach hire

A 50-seater coach from Coach Broker is an ideal solution for various events and occasions, including:

  • School excursions
  • Community outings
  • Corporate events
  • Long-distance travel

With an affordable West Yorkshire wide service, hiring a spacious coach ensures that your group travels comfortably and efficiently, no matter the occasion.

Travel times and distances from Wakefield

When travelling from Wakefield and its nearby postcodes, a 50-seater bus ensures a comfortable and convenient journey. Popular UK destinations and their approximate travel times include:

  • London: 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Manchester: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • York: 45 minutes
  • Leeds: 30 minutes

With over 15 years of experience in event transport, Coach Broker is your go-to provider for comfortable and efficient coach travel in Wakefield and West Yorkshire. Trust our expertise and wide range of coach options to meet all your group travel needs.

Our 50 Seater Coach Hire services are available in all local postcodes around Wakefield including WF.

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