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There is nothing like going to the movies and totally surrendering your reality to that which you are being drawn into on the big screen no matter how much money you spend on flat screen TVs and surround sound systems for your home theatre rooms, it never quite compares to the experience you get at the real thing.

And of course, one of the best things about being retired is that you can go out to the movies whenever you like. You dont have to wait until the weekend when the cinemas are filled with children and families and you dont have to sit through an evening session where it seems that all of the guys in Chelmsford have taken their dates that night!

But if you are retired you may have found that you need to rely more and more on other people, to get around. Well why not seek out other people to help with your transport and get together a group of your other retired friends and hire a coach in Chelmsford, and descend on your local movie theatre for the afternoon.

By hiring a coach in Chelmsford for a movies afternoon with your friends, you dont have to wait around to be picked up or dropped off and you dont have to feel like youve inconveniencing anyone because your coach chauffeur is there to look after you all day. Your chauffeur will make a trip around Chelmsford to pick everyone up and you can all make your way to the cinema together not to mention when a coach full of retirees hits the Chelmsford cinemas, you may even be able to wrangle a group discount on tickets!

So for more information about hiring a coach in Chelmsford for a retirees movie afternoon,contact Coach Broker now.

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